Infusion of saffron from the upper Bolognese valleys

Infusion of saffron from the upper Bolognese valleys



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  • Product history

    Lo Zafferano, soprannominato "oro rosso", nell'antichità era collegato alla ricchezza materiale e spirituale.

    Questa spezia è originaria dell'Asia; in Italia si conosceva sin dall'Epoca Romana e veniva utilizzato per scopi culinari ( insaporire la selvaggina, creare vini aromatici, aromatizzare il miele), ma anche per motivi estetici e di medicina.

    L'interesse per lo zafferano in Emilia Romagna si è riacceso negli ultimi anni, dalla passione di piccoli produttori locali.

  • Product description:

    The production area of Zafferano delle Alte Valli Bolognesi is located between the municipalities of Monghidoro and Loiano, in the upper Bolognese Apennines.

    The area extends from 400 to 1000 m above sea level. This saffron can therefore boast the title "Mountain Product".

    The quality of saffron is determined on the basis of specific analyses, which are measured:

    Moisture, Amaricant Power, Aromatic Power, Colouring Power.

    On the basis of the analyses listed above, the saffron from the High Bolognese Valleys that we propose is classified as a product of 1st Quality.

    The infusion of saffron, based on stigmas and dried flowers, is easy to prepare, has an intense aroma and a very special taste, strong and decisive but at the same time pleasant:

    drunk hot, perhaps with a teaspoon of honey, helps to reconcile sleep.

  • Processing phases

    All the processing phases of this precious spice are carried out with traditional and natural methods, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

    The flowers are picked by hand early in the morning, before they are opened, then they are touched (extraction of the stigmas from the flower) and dried at low temperatures.

    All these operations are carried out during the day, to enhance the qualities of saffron.

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