Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora Dop

Italian Salamini alla Cacciatora D.O.P.



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  • History:

    Salamini Cacciatori have an ancient origin, ascribable to the Etruscans: it was then thanks to the Romans that this product spread throughout the rest of the country.

    The history of the name is very curious: the Cacciatori (or "cacciatorini") were the salamis that the hunter brought with him during the hunt, being a food with a right dose of fat, supplier of energy, and of proteins; moreover, having a smaller size than the usual salami, it was suitable to carry with you in saddlebags.

    The Dop certification, obtained in 2001, attests its quality and its link with the production area.

  • Product description:

    Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora Dop have a length of no more than 20 cm and a diameter of up to 6 cm, with a weight of around 200 gr. It has a soft but compact slice, with a bright ruby color and small and well distributed grains of fat. It has a delicate and sweet flavor, with light aromatic hints.

    It will be delivered wrapped with a label.

  • Tips & Pairings:

    Their classic use is in quality appetizers, usually in combination with other cured meats, soft and semi-mature cheeses and in oil. It is also often used to flavor salads: sliced, in strips or cubes, together with apples, tomatoes and olives, perhaps seasoned with balsamic vinegar. Also ideal as a filling for soft bread and piadina.

  • Etichetta:

    Ingredienti & Allergeni: 

    Carne di suino, sale,destrosio ,zucchero, aglio, pepe, vino, antiossidante, conservanti ( nitrato di sodio, nitrato di potassio).

    Budello non edibile.

    Senza glutine e derivati del latte.

    Valori nutrizionali per 100 gr di prodotto:

    Valore Energetico 363 kcal
    Grassi 29 g
    di cui saturi 13 g
    Carboidrati 0,4 g
    di cui zuccheri 0 g
    Proteine 24 g
    Sale 3,6 g

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