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  • History:

    The production area of Salame Felino PGI includes all the municipalities of the province of Parma. The symbiosis between pig farms and the town of Felino, located on the Parma hills, dates back to the Bronze Age.

    The salami made in the Parma area represented an innovation in the production of cured meats of the time: initially, in fact, to avoid the fermentation of the meat a lot of salt was added, obtaining a very savory and not very genuine product. In the municipality of Felino and its surroundings, however, thanks to the pedo - climatic conditions and the presence of excellent quality salt produced in nearby Salsomaggiore, it was possible to use much less salt during production, obtaining an excellent and healthier food.

    Over time, the trade in salami assumes considerable economic importance: production volumes were increased, while remaining faithful to traditional methods.

    In 2013 it received the European Igp certification.

  • Product description:

    Salame Felino Igp has the classic cylindrical shape, with a more compact and lean slice than other salamis, ruby red in color with small pieces of fat. It is distinguished by its very delicate and light aroma, and a sweet and soft taste. Due to these characteristics, Salame Felino is the favorite salami for those who love delicate and artisanal flavors.

    It will be delivered wrapped with a label.

  • Tips & Pairings:

    Salame di Felino is always present in Parma aperitifs, in combination with "micca". Perfect if served with some flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano or with aged cheeses, or as a filling for bread and piadina.

  • Label:

    Ingredients & Allergens:

    Pork, salt, white wine, dextrose, spices.

    Antioxidant: E 301

    Preservatives: E250, E252

    Gluten free.

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