Prosciutto di Modena Dop 30 mesi Gambo

"30 months" PDO Modena Ham


False Pear of 1,700 Kg:


25 € / Kg


Good Pear 3 Kg:


26 € / Kg


2.8 Kg stem:


26 € / Kg




We will compensate for small differences in weight ±, by varying the quantity of other products in the cart.

  • History:

    The production area of Modena Ham is circumscribed between the valleys and the hilly area located around the Panaro basin, between the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

    Its origins probably date back to the Bronze Age: the Celts were in fact the first to treat and preserve meat with salt, together with the Romans who enriched their banquets with hams from this area. Year after year, the peasant families began to see a significant economic opportunity: for this reason, the know-how of the product was secretly handed down.

    Proceeding to the present day, in 1969 the Consortium of Modena Ham was established, to spread and enhance the importance of the product, further recognized also by the achievement of the Protected Designation of Origin in March 2010.

  • Product description:

    Prosciutto di Modena PDO can be defined as the "brother" of the more renowned Prosciutto di Parma PDO.

    This ham has a slightly more savory flavor than Parma PDO, an intense and characteristic aroma but all in all delicate.

    One of the strengths of this ham is certainly the absence of preservatives and dyes; precisely for this reason, Modena ham is particularly suitable for any type of diet or nutritional need, from children to sportsmen.

    The "30 months" type is tastier and more intense than the "24 months", it will be delivered vacuum-packed and ready to cut, with fire-stamped brand and label.

  • Tips & Pairings:

    The characteristics of Prosciutto di Modena DOP make it a special ingredient to enrich many savory recipes.

    Perfect as a filling for tortellini, but also excellent with cheeses , especially if they have a slightly more intense flavor, such as spicy Provolone Valpadana DOP.

    Delicious on its own, perhaps paired with a slice of soft bread.

    To accompany this ham, the most suitable wines are fresh red or white, not too full-bodied and young.

  • Label:

    Ingredients & Allergens:

    Pork, salt.


    Store at temperatures <7 ° C -10 ° C.

    Keep the cutting muscle covered, to avoid oxidation.

    Minimum Seasoning:

    30 Months


    It will be our care to ensure the continuous freshness of the product.


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