Pesca e Nettarina di Romagna Igp

Peach and Nectarine of Romagna Igp


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  • History:

    The production area of the Peach and Nectarine of Romagna Igp includes some municipalities in the province of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena, Bologna and Ferrara; its origins date back to the end of the 1800s when, in the rural areas of Ravenna, in Massalombarda specifically, it was decided to prepare plants suitable for growing the fruit. From here began the great success of fishing and fruit growing in general, which spread rapidly throughout Italy, improving production and commercial techniques year after year, reaching really important numbers, even at the export level. In 2002 the "Consortium of Valorization" of the product was born, which in 2015 became the Consortium of Protection with the task of supervising compliance with the regulations imposed by the IGP certification; this important certification arrives in 1997, to guarantee the origin, the quality and the close link with the territory of belonging.

  • Product description:

    There are several differences between the Peach and the Romagna Nectarine: if the first has a uniform bright red skin with yellow-orange nuances, an intense and intoxicating aroma with soft, sweet, sugary and juicy pulp, the Nectarine instead proposes a color bright and luminous red, with a hairless skin, a fresh and persistent aroma and a very firm, crunchy, aromatic and slightly less sweet pulp than Peach. The richness in mineral salts, water and vitamins makes both fruits very hydrating for the body and excellent sugar and energy reserves for the body.

    They will be delivered in crates or bags with a stamp, protected from possible collisions.

  • Tips & Pairing:

    Peach and Nectarine of Romagna Igp are two of the most flexible fruits used in cooking; they are usually consumed "in purity" at the end of a meal or as an energy snack during the summer months, but jams, compotes, fruit juices, smoothies, salads and fruit salads are very popular using this product. They are also very often chosen in the confectionery sector, as a filling for cakes, pies, and as a flavor for yogurt, panna cotta and ice cream.

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