Pancetta Piacentina Dop Intera

Pancetta Piacentina D.O.P. Whole



Minimum 120 days


4 Kg


€ 17.00 / Kg

How will the product arrive?

Wrapped with label

We will compensate for small differences in weight ±, by varying the quantity of other products in the cart.

  • History:

    The production area of Pancetta Piacentina Dop includes only the territories located in the province of Piacenza; the origins of Pancetta Piacentina date back to Roman times, a period in which pig farming spread in the Piacenza area. Already at the beginning of the 15th century, the sellers of these products distinguished them from other cured meats, referring to them as "roba de Piasensa". Continuing with the years, Pancetta began to become important also from the point of view of the rural economy of the local producers, who increased the production capacities but always remaining faithful to the methods and artisan recipes. In 2007 the Consortium of Piacentini Dop Cured Meats was born, following the achievement of the European Dop certification.

  • Product description:

    It is a typical Italian cured meat, in which the red part of the meat and the whiter adipose part is distinguished; in traditional pancetta on the market, the problem is often the excessive taste of the fat which can negatively interfere with the overall taste.

    The characteristic of the Pancetta Piacentina Dop that we propose, however, is the tendency of the slice to melt in the mouth, thanks to a delicate and sweet fat but not lacking in flavor, which gives the typical taste to this salami.

    In the "Whole" type, it will be delivered wrapped with a label.

  • Tips & Pairings:

    Pancetta Piacentina PDO, with its sweet flavor and spicy touch, can be enjoyed in the most varied combinations.

    It is excellent both on its own for an aperitif or a simple snack, or on a platter of mixed cold cuts and cheeses, but also with fibrous vegetables or legumes. Also perfect as a filling for bread and hot wraps, combined with soft cheese.

    We recommend accompanying this delicious salami with a fruity and not too full-bodied red wine, such as the Gutturnio Frizzante DOC.

  • Label:

    Ingredients & Allergens:

    Pork bacon, salt, dextrose, spices. Antioxidant: E301, Preservatives: E250-E252.


    Store at temperatures below 6 °


    We will take care to ensure the continuous freshness of the product.

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