Marrone di Castel del Rio Igp

Chestnut from Castel Del Rio I.G.P.


1 Kg screens

  • History:

    The production area of the Marrone di Castel del Rio Igp includes the municipalities of Borgo Tossignano, Fontanelice, Castel del Rio and Casal Fiumanese in the province of Bologna; the tradition of chestnut growing in the Bolognese area has very ancient origins, since the Middle Ages, in fact, the brown was a very consumed product in the aristocratic tables of the mountain area. Continuing with the years, the chestnut groves took the place of the oak woods, spreading more and more and becoming an important source of work for the rural economy of the territory: to safeguard all this, cultivation was carefully regulated through rules and written documents that for example, they required the planting of new specimens for each tree felled. But the most important push for its diffusion in Italy and in the world, the Marrone di Castel del Rio owes it to the construction of the Montanara road and the railways, which allowed the opening to new important markets. In 1985 the Castanicoltori Consortium of Castel del Rio was born, made up of over 100 members, with the aim of promoting and protecting this precious and excellent food; in the following years the IGP certification also arrives, which establishes the strong and indissoluble link between territory, product and producers.

  • Product description:

    Marrone di Castel del Rio Igp is very different from a common chestnut: it has in fact a very large size and elongated shape, with a uniform brown skin with brown shades, easily removable unlike many chestnuts on the market. It also ensures an unmistakable and aromatic scent, and a fine, sweet, soft and savory taste. This type of chestnuts are also very rich in nutrients that are very important for our body: mineral salts, for example phosphorus and magnesium, but also potassium, starches and complex sugars.

    They will be delivered in 1 kg nets with label.

  • Tips & Pairing:

    In the period between October and November, it is certainly the protagonist of numerous typical dishes and traditional recipes: from brusè chestnuts to boiled or roasted chestnuts, passing through tagliolini with Marrone and castagnaccio, these are just some exquisite combinations of Marrone di Castel del Rio Igp. We recommend pairing with a not too structured but lively red wine, for example Lambrusco, which accompanies the softness and delicacy of the Marrone di Castel del Rio Igp.

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