Coppa Piacentina Dop Trancio

Piacentina Cup D.O.P. Slice



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  • History:

    The origin of Coppa Piacentina Dop is ancient, presumably dates back to Roman times; in fact, the family tradition of pig breeding has always been widespread in the Piacenza territories.

    In the countryside, the cup even constituted a sort of prize: in fact, the landowners offered slices of it to the reapers to encourage them to work more.

    The environmental and climatic characteristics of the area are essential for the creation of this product.

    From generation to generation, the knowledge about the production and aging of this excellence is refined more and more, coming to create a Protection Consortium for Piacenza cured meats in 1971, which later became Consorzio Salumi Dop Piacentini, following the European DOP certification received. in 1996.

  • Product description:

    The main and peculiar characteristic of this cup is certainly the sweet taste and the delicate aroma: this is because, during production, more importance is given to the full and genuine flavor of the salami than to a high use of spices. The slice is compact and bright red.

    The "Trancio" version will be delivered vacuum-packed ready to cut, with label.

  • Tips & Pairings:

    Coppa Piacentina Dop must be combined with dishes that tend to lighten it, to balance the fatty components of the salami.

    It goes well with light salads or sweet fruit such as pears or apples, with soft and semi-aged cheeses or as a filling for bread and wraps. It is also served as a level appetizer on croutons or wrapping breadsticks.

  • Label:

    Ingredients & Allergens:

    Pork, salt and natural flavorings.

    Allergen and gluten free.


    Store in the refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding 10 ° C.

    Nutritional values per 100 g:


    Energy value 400 Kcal Fat 32 g of which saturated 12 g Carbohydrates <1 g of which sugars <1 g Proteins 27 g salt 4 g

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