Ciliegia di Vignola Igp

Vignola cherry I.G.P.


0.5 kg Igp package

  • History:

    The production area of Ciliegia di Vignola Igp includes a limited number, 28, of municipalities in the province of Modena and Bologna, located from 30 to 950 m above sea level; its cultivation has been widespread in this area for a long time, thanks to the perfect pedoclimatic conditions for obtaining a product of excellence and to the experience and commitment of local farmers who, year after year, always innovate and improve plus the production and marketing techniques regarding the Cherry. To support producers and ensure consumers a product of excellence and high quality, the "Consorzio della Ciliegia Tipica di Vignola" was born in 1965: it is the first in Italy for the fruit and vegetable sector! Thanks to it, which will change its name to "Consortium for the Protection of the Vignola Cherry PGI", in 2012 the Cherry obtained the European PGI certification, which establishes the strong and indissoluble link between product, production area and agricultural traditions.

  • Product description:

    The Ciliegia di Vignola Igp is certainly one of the most sought after and famous products in Italy; it has a color that goes from bright and bright red to dark red according to the variety, with very crunchy and firm pulp and much larger dimensions than its other "colleagues": this characteristic makes it particularly appreciated. It also ensures a delicate and unmistakable scent and a very sweet, fruity and persistent flavor.

    It will be delivered in a 500 gr tub with label, protected from possible bumps.

  • Tips & Pairings:

    Thanks to its sweet taste and its crunchy texture, it is perfect as a light fruit to be consumed at the end of a meal, but it goes perfectly with numerous sweet and savory recipes of the typical Emilia-Romagna cuisine: Tagliatelle with Saffron, Ciliegia di Vignola and Provolone Valpadana Dop , Tart, Cheesecake or Tiramisu with Ciliegie di Vignola Igp can be some examples, but they are also widely used in jams, liqueurs or in alcohol.

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